Re: META: Off topic, of course

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 13:35:38 MST

aominux wrote:
> 27 new messages?! What the hell is wrong with you people!
> Sorry I'm in a bad mood. Please.. just try to convey your ideas in a lesser
> number of emails...

Aominux, don't forget to trim those quoted messages <smile>.

Actually, the SL4 list has flurries of high list volume every now and
then. I don't object to this so long as it's high-quality volume, and
with one or two exceptions, most of the emails flying around are on-topic
and correctly spelled. This is not supposed to be a "low-volume" list or
a "high-volume" list, it's supposed to be a high-quality list. Most of
the time we don't have all that much to say, so the list is quiet, instead
of being taken up with an endless amount of filler, which is fine. But if
we do have something to say, great!

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