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> Let me propose a counter example with a more limited scope. If it is
> possible to develop a technology that would allow "entire universe could be
> swallowed in an instant"(including all of the time line) and we also assume
> that we are not the only technological beings in the time line (i
> reasonable assumption I think), then given the size and age of the universe
> it is likely that someone somewhere some-when will develop this technology.
> If anyone who wanted to take over the universe for whatever reason were to
> develop this technology then they would take over the universe.

Other possibilities; 1)Time machines might not be able to travel any further
back in time than when the first time machine was created, in order not to
violate causality. The tradtional. timeline collapses at this pointbut not
before. 2)The Powers find it more efficent to compact the immediately
surrounding material, ie the Earth, and continue to make developments on
compactification, ad infinitum, finding it more efficent to contract
endlessly rather than colonize the universe as thought today, not leaving a
mark on its previously surrounding environment/universe. 3) Maybe the
Singularity State is the "state of Nirvana" for all universes/timelines which
have sufficent quantum-wave-function-collapsing consciousnesses as
constituents but not yet enough optimal organization to join the "bulk" of
Reality or the Multiverse in the Singularity State...I suspect there are an
enormous amount of "potential universes" which have no life and therefore no
"real" existence on one pole, and on the other the
Infinite-dimensional/complexity/growth Singularity State, with the universes
with imperfect life hovering in between on an uneasy balance (a race could
easily commit suicide with grey goo and reach the Void State rather than the
Singularity State at the last minute). The Two Great Attractors, fighting
for universes between them...perhaps the complexity of the information
processing within the universes isn't intense enough to reach a conclusion to
the battle, or to break out to other universes, and neither state has the
ability to absorb the universe due to the simple fact that ALL possibilities
exist in the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Theory...and maybe this
state is the most likely one for individual, intelligent beings.

I hope that didn't sound like a bunch of gibberish or mysticism or

Michael Anissimov

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