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Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 22:17:55 MST

How about 'What is Nanotech?' or 'What is an Upload?'
btw, I just joined the list today, havent had time to think of a join

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> Okay, there have been sentiments expressed on occasion that we need
> an FAQ. So, I've decided to get off my ass and put one together. In
> the same vein, I'll be creating a Web site to serve as a gateway to
> things that Singularitarians should read (don't inundate me with
> links just yet; I'll post something up in a couple of weeks and then
> send links if I left something out).
> Now, aside from a statement of intent, I'm posting here because I
> need some help. Basically, I need to know what are the questions
> that need to be answered. Below is my initial list of questions that
> I can remember needing answered, but, especially if you are new to
> the Singularity, respond to this message with whatever questions you
> have. For now, I think it would be appropriate to keep this
> discussion on list since it will help with the identification of
> subquestions, but if it gets too far away from SL4 appropriate I'll
> take it off list.
> The Questions:
> What is the Singularity?
> What/who is a Singularitarian?
> How are Singularitarians related to Extropians/Transhumaninsts/etc.?
> [separate questions?]
> How can I help advance the Singularity?
> What is the Sysop?
> What is computronium?
> How do you expect to react to opposition?
> The Singularity will never happen for reason X. Your response?
> What is Friendly AI?
> What about X about Friendly AI? [A: see CFAI FAQ]
> What is the meaning of life? [A: supplied by Eliezer already ;-)]
> Why should I care about the Singularity?
> Wow, the Singularity is AMAZING. Should I go enlighten everyone to
> it? [A: just to ward off any worries, my answer to this is along the
> lines of 'level people up slowly, not all at once']
> Does the Singularity encourage political belief X?
> Is there a central philosophy that Singularitarians hold?
> When will the Singularity happen?
> How much computing power will we need to get AI off the ground?
> Does famous person/group X support the Singularity?!?
> I just wrote this AI. It is going to bring us to the Singularity!
> Want to see it?
> How many Singularitarians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
> Okay, how many ops/sec will the Singularity really bring about?
> Does the Singularity mean I can live forever?
> I'm scared. What should I do?
> I have another question. Where can I ask it?
> Well, I think this is a good start.
> Finally, just to let everyone know how I plan to do this, my initial
> thought is to keep the FAQ in the CVS repository on my computer and
> then build it using a Python script into a Web page. This way I can
> have old versions of the questions/answers and won't be stuck if I
> try out a new answer and it sucks. If anyone knows of a tool
> designed just for FAQ writing, please let me know about it. Only
> Unix or Mac software, though.
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