Re: Status of Flare?

From: SCN User (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 21:53:04 MDT

> ATM:
> I don't need Flare; Flare needs me.
> That's an extremely bold and arrogant statement. What are your
> justifications on why exactly the Flare Project needs you?
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky had just asked,
"... what on Earth do you need Flare for?" --
because I had set up a Mind-to-Flare liaison page at on SourceForge.

The answer, "Flare needs me," was merely an attempt to
be dramatic and humorous, hinting at the idea that
any AI language or project needs a Theory of Mind such as and other pages.

> Are you trying to draw more people into Mind and away from
> the SIAI effort? on SIAI's own mailing list?
No. As the maintainer of one SourceForge AI project, I am
trying to network and collaborate with other AI projects,
and to contribute to our common goal of the Singularity.

Everything reaches an equilibrium. As I announce the
free, public-domain availability of the "Mind" theory
and of its open-source design principles, anyone from
the SIAI list who is interested will take a look,
absorb or not absorb some ideas, and things will settle
down again. There is absolutely no effort on my part
to draw people away from from the SIAI effort.
Au contraire, I salute and encourage the SIAI effort.
> I'm not sure what your intentions were with your last post.
> Dmitriy [...]
Since my last post was in answer to Eliezer's post,
the main intention was to respond to Eliezer.
You will find that I am an opportunist. Emil Gilliam
asked, "How's Flare coming along?" and I took the
opportunity to mention my "flare.html" page --
a less intrusive step than to initiate a thread.

Can we get back to "redoubling our efforts" for the
Singularity now? You have my sincere cooperation.

Arthur T. Murray,

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