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Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 10:13:20 MDT

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote (reformatted for ease of response):
> SCN User wrote:
>> Emil Gilliam wrote on Tues, 23 October 2001:
>> > As this list has been silent for a few days, I'll bring it back
>> > to life with a simple question -- how's Flare coming along? [...]
>> Since I gather that Flare will be first a programming language
>> and then perhaps afterwards an AI coded in the Flare language,
> Flare is a general language and a drive to move on
> to more powerful types of programming tools so that
> humanity doesn't bog down in coding problems over
> the next decade or so; particularly, of course,
> the problem of coding AI.
> But why are you creating a webpage about this
> if you don't know anything about Flare?
ATM: is a "liaison page"
to let visitors to the all-embracing Mind project
know about Flare and the other SourceForge AI languages.

> And if you think you can program your AI in Forth,
> what on Earth do you need Flare for?
I don't need Flare; Flare needs me.

> I'm glad to see that your page doesn't imply
> any connection whatever between you and Flare...
What I desperately need is the intense interest
in AI and the Singularity that all you SIAI-ers
have generated by your enormous, _driven_ efforts.
> and that you have pages for other languages as
> well, so that Flare isn't being singled out...
Here is the plan, and you are hearing it first on --
the Shock Level Four mail list.

The "JOIN" messages on your list show that you
have impressively talented people -- coders,
students, academicians et al. -- who are eager
in the extreme to participate in the emergence
of AI superintelligence on the way to the Singularity.

Nevertheless any overall theory of how to code AI
seems to be lacking, and so people flounder and dither.

> but I also don't like your tendency to coopt
> everything in sight into the tangled web of
> associations that is your bizarre theory of AI.
Of course it's bizarre -- it is terra incognita
and off the beaten track of AI and computer science.
(What do you expect from a Latin and Greek major?)
But I am counting on all here assembled to keep
an open mind and to welcome all eforts towards
artificial intelligence and the Singularity.

> Oh, well, at least we're in so much company
> that hopefully nobody will hold it against SIAI.
To continue with the plan: The "twain shall meet,"
so to speak -- Mentifex and the slate of SourceForge
AI languages, including Flare -- if such pages as
funnel lots of visitors ("Page Views") to Flare
on the one hand, while I with my AI Mind project
go into the especially prominent AI projects in
each AI programming language on
and I post in the "Forum" discussion areas a notice
that the AI Mind project is offering both an AI theory
-- which very few outfits seem to have yet; cf. in the first section --
and also a primitive but _instructive_ implementation
in both Forth and MSIE JavaScript for instant viewing at -- as a kind of "yeast" of AI.

Arthur T. Murray,
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> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
> Research Fellow, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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