RE: Singularity graphics

From: Michael Raimondi (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 17:47:13 MDT

Here's another prototype logo I've designed, using Eliezer's four-pointed
star concept.

Michael Raimondi

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> 3) A star composed of ones and zeroes. We'd want to avoid a five-pointed
> star or a six-pointed star, as those both have other connotations. So it
> would be a four-pointed star of ones and zeroes, maybe with a lightburst
> behind it. This would symbolize the Singularity and is a candidate for a
> logo. I currently favor this, with my second choice being the Friendly AI
> handshake. (I like to think that this provides three good images; star
> for Singularity, handshake for Friendly AI, sapling for seed AI. I can
> imagine putting all three on the back of a T-Shirt.)

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