"sumthin" funny with the universe

From: Aikin, Robert (raikin@velaw.com)
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 13:11:00 MDT

Probably both. In my opinion, positive findings have more to do with
intense concentration (desire and expectation) on the part of the
individual/s than on the goodwill of a deity. Unexplained miracles in
similar studies (not at my fingertips) are attributed to devotees of Krishna
and Buddha, not to mention the plethora of saints and sages of the so-called
pagan and classical religious and metaphysical hierarchies. In the end, my
money is on "sumthin funny with the universe" explanation (but this is only
because the Universe is still a mystery to our clever species). AI may have
far more credible evidence to support a mind-body relationship suggested by
these studies.

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poor science or is there sumthin funny with the universe?

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