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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 11:42:16 MDT

> Are you aware Flare is under intense development and is
> way beyond design doc stage?
> just a FYI...
> Regards,
> Dmitriy Myshkin
> Head, Flare Project

JOIN: Arthur T. Murray (

Sorry to JOIN in at such hierarchy depth, but my
initial attempt to join this obviously most on-target
Web-wide Singularity discussion was an abortive one.

The recent talk about "redoubling efforts" inspires me
to report here that I am consumed full-time with

-- an open source scramble for the Singularity
in Win32Forth and MSIE JavaScript.

Writing and updating (now in the third iteration) "Docs"
for the AI Mind project slows down even my "redoubled" efforts.

Plus, today 1 October 2001 I had to stop and write extensive
e-mail to an enterprising fellow who wishes to join in as an
AI Mind developer and conduct a port into C++ -- Mind.C++. I
agreed to consider adding a second developer, but I argued
forcefully for a related but separate Mind.C++ project.

Anyway, for several years I have been following the work of
Ben Goertzel (Webmind); Eliezer Yudkowsky ("Coding a Transhuman AI");
and many others, but only here on Shock Level Four have I seen
such eager determination of old and new hands to create an AI.

Now remember, the FAQ says that "JOIN" messages need not be modest.
Well, the project is an
immodest proposal for "let's get going on an AI." I am not
saying, "Do things my way," but rather, "Please take a look."

Dmitriy Myshkin reports that the Flare Project is far beyond
the documentation stage, and so is the SourceForge "Mind" project --
which you may have heard of as the (much maligned) Mentifex project.

Your SL4 forum where I have lurked for two months on-line
has been so fascinating to read that I now petition for
permission to come aboard.


Arthur T. Murray

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