Re: (spellchecked) ESSAY: The Frozen Accident God (was: Invisible, Incomprehensible Gods)

From: Like a diamond bullet (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 10:46:52 MDT

> From: "Doug Keenan" <>
> Why give a "one knows for sure" such persuasive power?
> Apathy exists in humans with no concept of the Singularity
> or determinism. Or do you suggest a newer form? ;-)

Oh, yes, there are lots of potential causes of apathy. I'd
list some of them for you, but...well, you know...whatever ;-)

Seriously, though, I just watched Apocalypse Now Redux on Monday.
Seeing a movie like that, which captures so well the dark places
(in)humanity can reach, is a precious reminder of why reaching a
Singularity sooner than later is important. As if there isn't
enough, real, non-fictional suffering to remind us. Of course,
we heavily buffer ourselves from it (or it's buffered for us),
so we remain sane. And since I don't know if I live in a
simulation or not, I'd better get crackin'! (Hmm, is that a
variation on Pascal's Wager?)

Durant Schoon

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