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Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 14:07:38 MDT

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<< Unless it turns out that we would be even more miserable without some pain
 here and there.
 Of course, it's not testable whether or not the Singularity has already
 happened (as far as I know "real" life could be an illusion too).
 Suppose the Singularity has already happened... shouldn't we still work to
 improve this illusion? It's the journey don't you know. :)
 Suppose it hasn't... then we must work to improve this real life.
 Either way, we need to keep working on making life better.
I am guessing that your view is a triumph of hope over experience (not
meaning to be snotty). Grief is a real as a physiological and measureable
manifestation. I disagree with psychiatrists who appear to say that it
diminishes after 6 months. There are also too many questions to be answered
for me to feel assured that a) a singularity will happen soon, or b) that we
will benefit by such an evolutionary event. However, I look forward to a
vast improvement in the human condition, should such an entity hold sway and
deem to offer us some goodies. Ungrateful, I am not.

My own more pessimistic, obsession, is with a variation of an Omega Point or
a Moravec Point of some kind, that will allieviate past injustices, sorrows,
missed opportunities, failures, ad naseum; to be resolved in The Great
Someday, perhaps billions or trillions of years forward in the minkowski-De
sitter Light cone, that we inhabit. Because it is so distant, so
pessimistic, I thus believe it may be more plausible, then a dance with the
new kid on the block, Ms. Singularity, a decade or 3, hence.


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