RE: "Someone ought to do something" posts

From: Edwin Evans (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 13:47:55 MDT

> I'm making myself rich enough to make sizable donations.

I was trying that strategy too. I made enough money in NASDAQ to make a
sizable (depending on your definition) donation but then I lost it. I
made some very small percentage donations back then and some more
recently. However, there are other good reasons to donate earlier rather
than later:

1. Even though I assume you are doing it out of altruism, you get more
credit points if you donate now rather than later if SIAI or WebMind
(Real AI Institute) is more established.
2. Your donation will have a larger impact now than later when SIAI has
more money. Your "sizable" donation may need to be a lot more "sizable"
to be considered "sizable".
3. SIAI could do useful things with your money now. Frontloading is
4. Have you set a target amount and date? If you have some money and are
getting richer incrementally, you should donate as you go along as
opposed to delaying the decision. Or are you waiting to be more
confident in your beliefs and acting on them? (which was more my case)
5. If SIAI can meet their schedule goal, you don't have much time.
(Actually, there may only be a few more years where your or my actions
can have any moral significance -- extinction or "mission accomplished"
ends that.)


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