RE: "Someone ought to do something" posts

From: Patrick (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 12:40:15 MDT

> What are you, yourself, doing to redouble your efforts toward the
> Singularity? What are your current efforts? I have nothing against
> spectators; it seems likely that most of the people who benefit from the
> Singularity will hear about the Singularity after it happens, simply
> because there is not enough time to grow to the size of the present
> environmentalist movement or even the civil-rights movement of the
> sixties. I'll be happy if I'm proved mistaken, but I see nothing morally
> wrong with living in a world where the majority of people win but don't
> play.

        I'm making myself rich enough to make sizable donations. This helps me in
other ways as well. Progress has been pretty good. - better than other
approaches I've tried.

        As a side effect, I'm meeting more wealthy people. I make sure they hear
about SI from me.

        It's not a tenth as much as others but... you asked.

Patrick McCuller

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