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Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 20:28:51 MDT

Yeah, WM was designed with complexity science very deeply in mind. In fact,
I wrote a 4 books on the application of complexity science to the theory of
mind, before even starting to design a practical AI system. ...

Ultimately tho, we must remember that "complexity science" isn't really a
science. It's a collection of conceptual principles, and then a loose
collection of scientific work in various disciplines inspired by these
conceptual principles. Far from worthless, but far from being its own
science with concrete major discoveries, principles, laws, etc. Whether
there ever will be a cohesive general science of complexity is anyone's
guess... I've done some work along these lines, but, believe it or not, it's
incomplete, and I'm focusing on other things at the moment...

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  My interest has just been piqued by an interview with Jim Rutt on
Complexity Science

  I am currently in the middle of reading about the WebMind architecture.
Has WebMind or any other GAI system (are there others?) been designed with
knowledge of Complexity Science, whatever it is? A WWW search turned up with
information on Informatics, and some article links at

  Or is it just another buzzword. According to the Wired interview, Jim Rutt
coined the term "snail mail" in 1981. Not a bad buzzword!


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