Re: Dragoncon/Worldcon

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 11:09:45 MDT

> Also, while I won't be at Worldcon this year -
> Worldcon and Dragoncon have
> some kind of rivalry and are both held on Labor Day
> weekend - anyone from
> SL4 who'll be at Worldcon should feel free to post a
> note to that effect.

Dragoncon had previously been on 4th July weekend.
The Worldcon (defined by the awarding of the Hugo
Awards) moves around from year to year, and different
cities bid to host it. The Dragoncon people bid
and lost for this year. In order to bid, you had
to have your hotels lined up years in advance,
both because awarding of the site is done 2 years
in advance, and large convention hotels are booked
up that far in advance. Since Worldcon is always
Labor Day weekend, that's why Dragoncon is this
weekend this time. In general, large conventions
try to avoid being at the same time, since it cuts
into general attendance and how many guests are
available. (I've been staff and even chairman of
SF conventions in the past)


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