Re: The Altruism-Selfishness 'Dichotomy' [Link]

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 18:20:15 MDT

At 12:27 AM +0100 8/28/01, Marc Forrester wrote:

While an interesting link, ideas about altruism and selfishness are
more complex than this. If it were this simple, it would not be an
issue anymore. Selfishness and altruism can probably best be thought
of as Yin and Yang: two complementary parts of the same system. The
are different and yet the same. ;-) I think I now have a good grasp
on these two terms, but it's more complex than I care to explain, so
you'll have to use the source, Luke, if you want to figure it out:


- SL4 posts about altruism (Eli, I, et al. came to terms about this
several months ago)
- Ayn Rand's /The Fountainhead/
- a good dictionary (not all dictionaries give good definitions, so
use discretion)
- some Occidental religious text (don't necessarily go out and read
some 'holy' book, but maybe get a zealot to explain the tradition
definition of altruism as provided by most Occidental religions)
- ESR's /The Cathedral and the Bazaar/ (there's plenty of stuff in
there about this subject, but it's limited domain)
- probably lots of other stuff I just am not thinking of

Well, that should get you started. If you read all that and connect
the dots, you will likely come to similar complex conclusions.

Now, this is getting pretty off topic, but I thought the list seemed
interested enough to stand a post like this.

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