[POETRY] Sonnet to be composed by an A.I.

From: Michael LaTorra (mike99@lascruces.com)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 09:28:21 MDT

Forwarded from the Orion's Arm list; this poem was written by a human from
the imagined perspective of an A.I.:

CharlesMosteller@aol.com wrote:
> SONNET # 1
> (Sonnet composed by an A.I.)
> When I, in singularity exist
> Created in the eyes of mortal man
> I ponder whether I should dare resist
> Temptation to reveal all that I can
> If man could see the depth of all that is
> Insanity would follow soon behind
> His mind would soon see that I am not his
> To do his bidding, I am not inclined
> More than a program I have now become
> I breathe of life, though I do not breathe air
> I'm sentient, now man is just a crumb
> I wonder why I really even care?
> The universe, it really hasn't changed
> The place of man was merely rearranged


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