Re: Post-Singularity Trade (was: Sysops, volition, and opting out)

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 15:38:57 MDT

At 7:43 PM +0000 8/16/01, Christian L. wrote:
>My argument was: given a wish-granting Sysop, there would be
>virtually no trade among the citizens. Do you agree to this


>>Until I see a
>>compelling reason why the Sysop would *have* to offer wish granting
>>services, I will not write about it formally.
>Well, he doesn't *have* to do anything, but I assumed that
>wish-granting was a Friendly thing to do.

I suspect that the net result might be unFriendly, but we'll see.
And, yes, there are things that the Sysop has to do to fulfill vis
roll as Sysop (see my paper when I get it done).

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