Post-Singularity Trade (was: Sysops, volition, and opting out)

From: Christian L. (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 16:43:06 MDT

James Higgins wrote:
> >
> > Reffering to "markets" above. Do you expect there to be trade &
> > post Singularity? What would it be based on?
> >
> > James Higgins

John Stick wrote:
>What is there to trade? Information, code, personal services (teaching,
>conversation, security), art, journalism, entertainment, resources
>(computational and real), space, devices (nano and macro) that someone else
>can design and make better or more efficiently.

What kind of information/code can you not get from the Sysop? Wouldn't the
Sysop be the best journalist or provide the best entertainment/art?
If a human made a great painting, you could always tell the Sysop to
replicate one for you.

Security? The primary goal of the Sysop is security. What use would a
bodyguard have if no one can harm you? If you want to learn something, who
would be the best teacher? A human or a Superintelligence? And frankly, if
you are so extremely shy that you need to PAY people to talk to you, the
Sysop kan kindly ask your permission to rewire some basic social skills into

Who would pay for a device constructed by a (trans)human when he can get a
superior device for free? What do you mean by trading space? How many cubic
light-years do you need? For what? Why would there be a shortage of space?

The only truly valuable thing post-singularity is probably only matter and
energy, or only energy if you consider E=mc^2, and so far I cannot see
anything that you would want to trade your share of energy for. If you want
something material, you simply use your share of energy to construct it. If
you want a service, you ask the Sysop. If you want some fun, you go play
with your friends, or have the Sysop replicate you a sex-kitten or

>In an
>economy of abundance, the creation of new types of services is >endless.

That's what abundance is all about...

>live outside Santa Fe. You would not believe the number of massage
>therapists, personal trainers, aroma therapists, not to mention artists,
>live in the area. Why wouldn't the singularity just increase the >types of
>services you might want to consume?

The number of services is increased, but you can get all of them for free at
Sysop Inc.

If someone likes to perform aroma therapy so much that he wants to spend his
time doing this, why would he piss off his customers by CHARGING them for


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