Re: Renaming the Sysop (was: Re: Opting out of the Sysop scenario?)

From: Dan Clemmensen (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 17:56:08 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 09:56 PM 8/4/01 -0400, Gordon wrote:
>>Oh, finally, why we're at it, Eli mentioned wishing he'd named the
>>Sysop Scenario the Unix Scenario if only he'd been more PRish when he
>>came up with it. Well, I'd say only a handful of us have ever even
>>really thought about the Sysop Scenario, so now would be a good time
>>to change the name.
> I'd called it `the Aleph', for reasons that will be made clear when
> TRANSCENSION comes out from Tor in February.

This may be a bit to close to "Alf."

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