Re: Opting out of the Sysop scenario?

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 19:49:35 MDT

> From: Gordon Worley <>
> Let's presume property rights are given by use. Therefore, it would
> be violation the volition of the owners of whoever is using the
> matter in this or that part of the universe to just make it part of
> Sysop Space.

Oh right, good point. We should respect not just sentients, but also
their rights to property. Of course.

> I hope, though, we don't actually use the Prime Directive, since that
> would mean leaving millions of minds to die pathetically (OTOH, if no
> one cares enough to do anything, that wouldn't be morally wrong, but
> the option should be open to communicate and help less intelligent
> life forms *if they want it*).

By Prime Directive I just meant "some important policy dealing with
what to do when encountering alien life". I guess Friendliness, as in
"Treat all life in a Friendly manner Friendliness" is such a policy

Hmm, that's a curious idea. Suppose we encounter intelligent life.
I suppose we *should* try to convince them to adopt Friendliness.
Er, uhm, convert them...

Intergalactic SI: "Knock, knock."

Alien Species: "Who's there?"

Intergalactic SI: "Friendliness' Whitnes..."

Alien Species: "No thank you."

The sneaky way would be to send nanobots undetectedly down to their
planet. By invading the brain of their brightest young citizen,
plant the idea that he/she invented the concept of Friendliness and
should start an institute for the Singularity and ... hey, wait a
second ...


PS -

Yes, that violates volition ... or does it ?!

Durant Schoon

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