A Sysop by any other name ...

From: Gordon Worley (redbird@rbisland.cx)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 18:59:11 MDT

Okay, I've been thinking about some of the names we have for things
in regards to the Sysop. So, here is my (partial) list of terms.

- Sysop
     A mind who's charged with ensuring non violation of volition for
     everyone living in Sysop Space and protect the universe from being

- Sysop Scenario
     The case in which the Sysop is implemented.

- Sysop Space
     The part of the universe the Sysop(s) is responsible for. Most
     likely made up completely of computronium.

- Unix Reality
     An analogy to what reality will be like in Sysop Space. Referes
     to the way that the Sysop will probably act like parts of POSIX.

- Unix Scenario
     A form of the Sysop Scenario. A model which views the Sysop
     acting like the kernel (think Linux, not HURD or Mach) that makes
     sure life is good in userland. See also Unix Reality.

The reason for having a Unix Scenario separate from the Sysop
Scenario to avoid confusion that the Unix Scenario is what the Sysop
Scenario actually is, but an approximation of what will likely be.

Oh, also, the Sysop is self charged. The Transition Guide does not
say 'Sysop, you are charged with protecting the volition of everyone
living in Sysop Space'. If we need a Sysop, a Friendly AI will
realize this and develop into one (or write the seed Sysop or
whatever happens to be the specific way the Sysop comes to be).

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