Re: Opting out of the Sysop scenario?

From: Dan Clemmensen (
Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 17:58:01 MDT

James Higgins wrote:

> I've got a question for you all about the Sysop scenario. Can
> individuals opt out? And if not, why not?

The sysop controls and allocates all available resources. To opt
out, the sysop will have to allocate some resources to you so that you
can maintain a separate existence. What is the equitable way to decide
which resources should be allocated to you?

> The sysop is supposed to do what you want.

The sysop cannot necessarily do what you want. If the "wants" of all
the sysop's customers exceed the system's available resources, the
sysop will not be able to meet all wants. Whatever resources are
allocated to you when you opt our are unavailable to satisfy the
wants of others.

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