Eurisko, Cyrano and Beyond

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 13:14:53 MDT

An SL4 member asked me about Eurisko offlist and I provided all
that I could recall from memory. I decided to do a google search
for "Eurisko Lenat" and came up with this:

Where this is the top node of Ken Haase's 1996 PhD thesis on

which attempts to take off where Eurisko ended (first by trying
to reimplement Eurisko in FramerD, his object database, and then
by searching the space of combinations of representations...
attempting to find and identify new and useful models in a
_generic_ domain (as opposed to a specific domain of, say,
number theory)).

I was just wondering if Eli had seen this and if there is other
research on post-Eurisko attempts. And what comments anyone might
have regarding Cyrano (I saw a bibliographic reference to
Solomonoff, but only skimmed the thesis and don't remember any
sections addressing algorithmic complexity).

PS - I remember Ken Haase's name and project FramerD when I was
at the Media Lab, but that was before this thesis was completed
so I wasn't entirely sure what he was up to back then. I read
the he's at the European Media Lab now.

Durant Schoon

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