RE: Open AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 14:44:53 MDT

> We both agree that it will take years of seed AI development before any
> hard takeoff could occur. Where we disagree is that you assert that we
> will have genuinely human-equivalent AI, and it will not yet be on its
> own, and that it will in fact take years beyond this point. I believe
> that the milestone of human-equivalence will be passed during, or very
> shortly before, a hard takeoff.

Yes, this is the difference between our views.

I think we will have a human-equivalent-intelligence AI at least a few years
before we have a master-of-AI-and-computer-science AI that can launch the
hard takeoff.

Just as I myself was a human-equivalent intelligence well before I became a
master of AI and computer science myself ;)


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