RE: flare and SIAI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 17:34:42 MDT

> I'm the project leader for Flare, which means that at some point
> there will
> be enough developers (hopefully) working on the project that my
> project-management functions won't be so overbearing that I won't
> be able to
> help work on the AI when coding begins. Also, we're trying to push out an
> early Flare while the AI is still in concept and planning (i.e.
> push out the
> early Flare in six months or less), so the AI developers will be able to
> work in primitive Flare instead of having to write Python code and then

I guess that getting to a Flare that's suitable for teeny-scale AI
prototypes will be a lot of fun, and will as you suspect not require a
hugely onerous amount of work.

It's the next phase -- getting to a Flare that's suitable for the
development of a large-scale AI system -- that will require a very large
amount of time and resources. And it's clear to me that a real AI is gonna
be a large-scale AI system. You'll need efficient and robust GC, threading,
networking, and so forth.... Sure, this is all known science, but the
difficulties of getting it right are shown by the limitations of many
existing languages in these areas.


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