Re: Augmenting humans is a better way

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 15:05:23 MDT

At 12:41 PM -0700 7/28/01, James Higgins wrote:
>The 1984 bit is the Sysop who, essentially, controls everything. I
>understand how this is supposed to work ideally, but note the
>"supposed to" and "ideally".

Oh, that. Yes, we have discussed it quite a bit. Well, luckily, the
Sysop scenario is just what Eli and a few of us think will likely
happen post Singularity given Friendly AI. Friendly AI stands
completely on it's own from the Sysop, it's just that the Sysop for
some of us is a practical means of controlling the abuse of power
(and even the accidental abuse of power). The reality is probably
that something other than the Sysop as we see it now will actually
happen, though it will probably share similar features (i.e. some
other system for the enforcement of morals).

If you haven't already, I wrote a paper on this subject that suggest
some alternate hypotheses of systems for moral enforcement post
Singularity and concludes on the Sysop being the current preferred
model, but it probably does need a note about how this is just my
insignificant human conclusion and really a Friendly AI billions of
times smarter than I am will be making the decisions (or so I hope).


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