OFFT: Dreams

From: Mitchell J Porter (mjporter@U.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 11:04:16 MDT

Okay, I wouldn't normally post a dream here, but it's symbolically
relevant. So:

"Just had one of the most peculiar, disturbing dreams it is possible
to have. And all that happened was that I repeatedly went to the
bathgroom to brush my teeth! But the way I was doing it... I would
*lift my head off*, suspend it in front of me by attaching
some sort of clip to my top front teeth that was at the end of
a cord that came down from the roof, and proceed to brush my teeth,
inside and out! I did this for a few days in succession; I seem to
remember reflecting at one point about how jealous all those piercing
freaks would be if they saw what I was doing matter-of-factly every day;
but eventually I began to become puzzled about how the whole thing
worked. How was my head reattaching to my neck each time? How did I
manage to detach it the first time? Was there a seam visible after
reattachment, resulting from the first time that I hacked it off?
(I never wondered how it was that I was *seeing everything*,
however.) On the last time, while these questions were running
through my head, I fumbled a bit and started to put it on back to
front. And finally, when I was reorienting it the right way round,
it tilted a few times, and I saw that my neck was basically hollow,
and further into the skull, disappearing behind some fold of
flesh, were *wires and cables*. I reattached it one last time and
looked at myself glumly. I had the answer: it was possible because
I was already some sort of robot or android. Then I woke up."

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