Semi-spoiler review: "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within"

From: Deniz Sarioz (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 05:50:30 MDT

[responding to Eliezer]

I agree. Don't see it if you have the chance not to. Don't forget to take
your red pills daily.

>The one exception to this is their depiction of the
>human-computer interaction in the Graphical User Interface of the future,
>which I thought was excellent, considerably exceeding the depiction I've
>seen in any other movie.

OK, but Golan Trevize had a computer similar to those [in Isaac Asimov's
_Foundation and Earth_]. Put hands down, and just think. That's my dream
UI! Moreover, Golan had even built an emotional bond with it, which was
striking for me when I read it first years ago. There was nobody that
understood him as closely. Asimov is a fricking visionary. I love reading
his stuff because maybe he is similar to me--creating imagery in terms of
all kinds of relations and not just pictorial representations. So I don't
think what the movie showed was so original, and semi-transparent
holographic displays HAVE been done before, and this is yet not in
opposition to what you say, as you did not use the word "original" which I
thought you did for a moment.

>As redeeming features go, it isn't nearly enough to make up for THE PLOT.

what plot? :]] Insulting attempt at merging wave theory with essentialist
shintoistic spirit concept! At least they went easy on the good and evil
stuff (as opposed to the Matrix, which although is a good movie, portrays
the AI very negatively).

PS: I know that the message I'm responding to was a while ago, hope no
one's annoyed. I'll even get to Flare some day.

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