Re: What if qualia are noncomputable and necessary?

From: Emil Gilliam (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 00:25:59 MDT

>Ok, here's my current take on this.

[yadda yadda privacy wet-ware nanotech neural-hacking DNA space ships ...]

Err ... what? Was this a response to my message? Sounds more
appropriate to the Extropian list.

Anyway, right after posting my message, I underwent a "Doh!" Moment
as I discovered the thread on "Cognitive closure" from March, which
further explored the possibility of a noncomputable universe. Forgive
me for the sin of not having checked all of the archives first. I
have learned the error of my ways.

It appears, however, that it doesn't make the subject of my message
redundant, tedious or beaten to death (I hope), since most of the
thread was armchair philosophizing about noncomputability in the
abstract. I haven't seen anything about specific steps or strategies
to be taken by Singularitarians in the event that the universe
appears noncomputable and that a noncomputable physical artifact must
be used in any successful AI, nor about why such strategizing is or
is not worth doing right now.

- Emil

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