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From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 23:49:20 MDT

Before we get 100 posts on Flare again, can someone setup a Flare mailing
list (maybe at

At 01:25 AM 7/24/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I am elated and honored to announce that I am accepting the position of
>leader of the Flare Programming Project, having been recommended to this
>post by the board of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
>(SIAI). In accepting this position, I am aware of the great challenges of
>acceptance of a new programming language/environment, but am confident in
>the real-world application benefits to projects requiring sophisticated
>tools such as those provided by Flare. I am looking forward to working
>with the creative and talented programmers and volunteers who will
>constitute the Flare open-source effort, and I hope that the effort will
>greatly expediate and catalyze the GISAI project under SIAI.
>Dmitriy Myshkin
>-- The best way to predict the future is to invent it -Alan Kay
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