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Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 16:13:29 MDT

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Subject: RE: Languages and AI

> There WILL be a "real AI programming language" one day. It won't be LISP
> or Prolog or Java or Flare or even Haskell, it will be something that we
> only design after we know for sure how to make a real AI...

This is why a programming language needs to be _extensible_. That's the "X"
in "XML", eXtensible (Markup Language).

I have no experience with Smalltalk, but I think I've heard that it is
extensible. In a previous post I ranted about the Pliant language, which
looking at the design docs is also extensible.

I haven't read up anything about annotated languages yet, but if Flare is
actually extensible, then it may be a preferred human-programmer high level
language than non-extensible languages such as Prolog, Java, etc. I think
Flare is trying to be extensible by inheriting XML as its syntactic format.


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