RE: The Human Augmentation Strategy

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 08:54:22 MDT

Michael Korns coined the tern 'inloading' at Extro5 for the approach of
adding artificial neurons to live humans to upgrade them. He sees inloading
as a more likely, and preferable path to human super-intelligence. It is
incremental, and less shocking than uploading - and will probably also be
easier to achieve.

Inloading involves gradually adding silicon/ nanotube/ quantum?! (or
whatever) artificial neurons & connection to our brains, together will some
technology to transmit all relevant information to an external computer for
backup. Eventually, artificial neurons would vastly outnumber original ones.

I don't actually buy into this scenario for a number of reasons, some of
which are here:

But I like the meme: inloading - less threatening than uploading. 'Simply'
the enhancement of brain function, but ultimately the same result - Any and all feedback welcome:

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>The suggestion I was trying to make (and not doing so very well) was that
the attainment of super-intelligence may be easier to achieve through human
augmentation rather than starting from scratch with today's machines.

... . However, I think that such a course is unfeasible both from the
moralist perspective and also from a technical perspective....

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