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Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 08:55:46 MDT

Hello everybody.Thanks for letting me join the list.
Some info about me as requested: I am resident in England, United Kingdom; Mike J. Shillitoe age 49 years.
I heard about Transhumanism and uploading in the 90's and was totally convinced by the idea. More recently I read Vinge's essay and surfed the net to
   I'm quite convinced that the Singularity is THE big deal for the new millennium and I'd like to play a part in making it happen. Currently I'm working my way through CaTAI and CFAI. I'm starting to learn LISP and will soon learn HTML. I learned programming in the pre mouse days but I can't find any use for that now; not yet anyway. Also I've an enterprise idea using AI (plenty of rethinking since the tech crash).
  I want to see much more pr on ultra tech, evangelism even. The Luddites get too much of their own way. Certainly here in England young people love IT products; it shouldn't take much effort to sell them a few logical conclusions.
   That's all for now folks. Byeeeee.

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