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Thanks for your reply.

It is certainly true that continuous human enhancement evolving towards
super-intelligence presents a variety of dangers. But this enhancement is an
inevitable result of the exponential growth of technology which is going to
totally transform our world.

Once it is possible to enhance our intelligence, many of us will choose to
do so. The Flynn effect (growth in overall IQ) might then become
exponential. In this situation, the emergence of a transhuman AI could occur
within the bodies of humans themselves.

I'm not sure we can assume that an enhanced computer necessarily will be the
mechanism through which a transhuman AI arises. On the other hand, a
friendly AI might well be needed to protect us from ourselves. It may be
that an advanced AI can be developed in the next ten years, but soon after
that, rapidly enhancing humans will begin to catch up.

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> . Wireless communication among these
> > processors along with small engines would allow
> > billions of these to be consumed and spread
> > throughout one's body.
> If you haven't already, read the SF novel "Blood
> Music"
> by Greg Bear. In the story a guy injects himself with
> such processors (biotech-based in the story). They
> replicate, become intelligent, build a civilization in
> his body, then leak out the plumbing fixtures into the
> world at large and transform the world into something
> ...different. It's one of the best stories for
> getting
> an impression of how fast and strange a singularity
> can be.
> Bottom line: a super-intelligence in a box with no
> easy way to manipulate the outside world is dangerous
> enough. Putting one in a body or giving it things
> like robots to control is much more dangerous.
> Daniel
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