Re: TUNES -- a potential AI?

From: gabriel C (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 16:59:02 MDT

Sounds like marketing to me, more than anything else.

I think we need a better term than "AI". It's already diluted in meaning
from the gaming industry, and after this Spielberg flick comes out, it's
really going to lose the context we want.


>They claim that the software will not be an AI in itself, but then they go
>on to
>say "If AI is possible, we hope that TUNES will help toward reaching it; If
>isn't, well, we hope that TUNES will help make the most of what is
>This kind of worries me, since I don't know what level of comprehension
>aiming for. Also, I get the feeling that they don't take AI too seriously.

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