[HUMOR?] Transhuman Contracts and Morality WAS: A position

From: Durant Schoon (durant@ilm.com)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 19:23:36 MDT

> From: "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <sentience@pobox.com>
> Under volitional Friendliness, your volition only holds sway over the
> things you own, including yourself. Making a coercive alteration to
> someone else's property or self, no matter how much you want it, is not
> moral. This renders volitional Friendliness a strictly local property
> almost all of the time, at least as far as I can see. Not that optimizing
> an intricate global property *would* present a problem for a transhuman;
> we humans flinch away from that sort of thing just because our own
> consciousnesses can only track a very small number of objects
> simultaneously.

What about mutually owned things?

Carse's Billboard:

So let's say posthuman Jim and posthuman Tim jointly purchase and
share a billboard. Along with the billboard, they've decided on a
particular contract of mutual ownership which says that if they are
going to sell it, they must both agree to sell, ie. one cannot sell
without the consent of the other.

Everyone can read this billboard. Both Jim and Tim can write on
it as well as erase what's there.

Jim says: "Hey Tim. Let's play a game with our new billboard."
Tim says: "Ok."

Jim says: "I'll write a word and then you erase it and write a new word."

Jim writes: benevolence
Tim writes: eneab

Jim says: "eneab? That's not a word. Let's try again."

Jim writes: altruism
Tim writes: ltraa

Jim says: "ltraa? That's not a word either."

Jim writes: definitely
Tim writes: efiad

Jim says: "efiad? What are you doing? You want to play, right?"

Jim writes: yes
Tim writes: esay

Jim says: "I'm warning you, this is not funny!"

Jim writes: no
Tim writes: oan

Jim says: "Ok, one last time, but that's it."

Jim writes: maybe
Tim writes: aybam

Jim says: "Now you've done it! I'm not playing with you anymore."
Tim says: "But it was so fun. C'mon, let's do it again!"

Jim says: "No way, I've had it! I think we should sell this billboard."
Tim says: "I don't want to sell it and it says in the contract that if you
                want to sell it, I have to agree."

Jim says: "Well I'm still not going to play with you anymore!"

Tim writes: ellaW

Durant "All Your Billboards Are Mine" Schoon
(been lurking on sl4...I am STILL catching up from April...)

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