Re: PHYSICS/SPACE: Legitimate time traval proposal (microintro, questions, speculations, and a quick META question)

From: Psy-Kosh (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 22:03:36 MDT

Quick microintro:

    I've been lurking here for a while, but, well, haven't said much (well,
anything) for the simple reason that I didn't see much I could contribute at
the time. (I'm a physics person (well, on that learning path, at least), not
anywhere near a CS person.)

> A similar system might be used for interstellar communication at FTL
> something that computers/people of the future could certainly take
> advantage of. Heck, I'd be pretty happy with FTL bus speeds just within
my PC.
> -Aaron

    Better yet, if this is "complexity scaleable", that is, if this
principle can be used for more complex spacetime manipulation, perhaps this
could lead to the whole multidimensional processor thing? ("Is that a Cray
in your pocket or are you just..." :)

    A question for Eliezer: From what I understand, as a general rule you
are against tech suppression, yet you sxaid that you'd have prefered that
this guy have not published this idea, instead done a nsa black project or
something. I was wondering why time travel, as opposed to other potentially
dangerous technologies, would be an exception to your rule.

    A bit of speculation in relation to this:

        First, I don't have anywhere near the backround to understand how
exactly what he proposes would twist spacetime, however, it occurs to me
that it _may_ be even easier than he suggested. Since, except for the method
of slowing the light down, it isn't based on QM but relativity, I likely
don't need to keep in mind the photon aspect of light here. (if I'm saying
anything stupid here, someone, _please_, tell me) Also, perhaps the
wavelength is not too relavent.

    What I'm getting at is that if you used radiowaves or lower, then
instead of going through all this effort to slow light down, all you'd need
would be a set of coils and dipole antenas (or large parallel plate
caps/etc), arranged in a circle. drive them all with an appropriate phase
shift, and you can get what will look like an em wave circlating around this
setup at just about any speed you wish, with no need to muck around with
bose-einstin condensates.

And finally, my META question...

    How to change the e-addy of mine that the list sends to?

"The scientist who would rather refute than comprehend demonstrates he has
chosen the wrong calling." -The Forever Machine

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