RE: Analog computing (was: hello)

From: Amara D. Angelica (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 17:45:50 MDT

The human brain could perhaps be considered a hybrid analog-digital system:
neuron firing, based on hybrid chemical messengers/electrical potential
and below that, hybrid microtubule events (Hameroff). Sarfatti's model on
is also hybrid, based on a Bohm-Pribram hologram generated from the EEG near
field and the
10^18 hydrophobically caged electron dipole oscillators inside microtubules.

However, as Carver Mead mentioned to me recently, neuromorphic models may
no longer be useful in the development of SIs, so I'm not sure if this is
relevant to SL4. If not, I'd like very much to get feedback on these ideas
privately for an article I'm researching. Thanks,

Amara D. Angelica, Editor,

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