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From: David Braginsky (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 14:52:40 MDT

> a neural network let's say), then we would start with a voltage, run it
> through a system, and have another voltage come out the other
> side. As far

what i am saying is that your system will not distinguish between e and
(e+5*10^-k) and will make the same choices for both values. if it doesn't
matter that it makes the same choice for both values, you don't really need
to store e to k significant digits, so using an analogue system gets you
nothing. if it does, there is nothing you can do. which ever component makes
a decision based on the voltage value it's supplied from another component
will not be able to distinguish the two. (by voltmeter i did not mean an
external debugging device. i meant another part of the system)

> as the noise goes, from what I understand, the "noise" (the fuzziness) in
> the qbits in the quantum computers is what we are measuring/operating on.
> So, in a sense that is another thing that analog can do that
> digital can't:
> use noise as part of the computation.
> (Ok, noise can be simulated in a digital system, but that takes even more
> processing power.)

this makes no sense to me.

we are talking about non quantum computer, and the noise is very simply
electro-magnetic waves generated by everything around your system.
(including all the sub-parts of the system)

sorry, this is obviously not sl4, and i will stop here.

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