RE: Digital Intuition

From: Peter Voss (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 17:21:44 MDT

Someone on the list questioned whether 'Digital Intuition' was worth signing
an NDA for.

I've just completed the 500 page manuscript. This must be the most detailed
practical exposition of a real AI (general intelligence) design - anyone
seriously interested in this should benefit substantially from reading it.

For those still exploring various AI designs, this will represent a quantum
leap in learning. To those of us who already have fairly comprehensive
(conceptual or practical) models of what is required, the book raises many
crucial issues that we must be able to answer. Whether one agrees with all
the solution Ben and his team propose, their hard-earned experience is
invaluable. Who else has done such comprehensive work? No-one, as far as I

I learned a lot, and moreover, am pushed to find answers to quite a few
specific problems that I might only have come across months or years into

Overall, it has given me an even greater respect for the Webmind project -
well worth considering collaborating with.

Thanks Ben, for making it available.

As to the NDA: I would estimate that about 65-75% of the material is already
available online, anyway. The additional, more detailed protected
information is certainly very useful. How much of a risk/ limitation this
NDA represents has to be a personal decision. In my judgment: quite minimal
(much is already in the public domain, you are unlikely to copy significant
portions of the design, a lot of crucial detail is excluded, the system is
changing all the time, IP ownership is in flux and portions may well end up
in a non-profit/ open.)

Peter Voss - Any and all feedback welcome:

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