RE: META: lists (WAS: A fairly concrete path to the Singularity)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 21:49:07 MDT

I'm guessing that Patrick's comment and this whole thread are a kind of
arcane ironic insider joke ;>

But in case i'm wrong and you guys are serious, I will chip in that, in my
view, this is a small enough group that one list to discuss topics on all
the sl-n levels is OK.

AI happens to be the main topic Eliezer has been working on lately, and
ditto for myself, in spite of the fact that we both have very broad
future-tech interests besides.

And, I think Eli and I agree that AI is the most likely technology to serve
as the direct cause of a Singularity in technology development. Many other
developments will be accelerated hugely if "real AI" is accomplished.

If we can't achieve AI, then, the technologies you consider SL4 are going to
be long delayed

Of course, the same is true if we can't eat, though, so -- anyone for a
thread on McDonald's versus Wendy's???


> Hey, how about you _DO_ start an SL2 list. And an SL3. And keep SL4.
> Obviously, quality discussion is needed at each of the levels, but as we
> have just seen, discussing SL2 stuff on an SL4 list doesn't quite do
> justice to some of us. Perhaps Eli could refine his definitions of the
> shock levels a bit and say : discussions about this this and that go to
> this list, and discussions about this this and that go to that list.. I
> realize it would be hard to do this kind of classification for some
> messages. I realize also that people may get offended if their message
> winds up in SL2 when they meant it to be SL4... May be it's not such a
> good idea after all. But consider some of the benefits -- SL4 chat will
> become a bit cleaner and people will be able to think in a more abstract
> way about ideas that are further off. At the same time discussions on
> the other lists will be able to jump into more details without upsetting
> anyone.
> Just a suggestion. It's your list.
> On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Patrick McCuller wrote:
> >
> > Eli, perhaps you should switch this list to SL2. We spend
> all our time
> > talking AI, which is nowhere close to SL4.
> >
> >
> > Patrick McCuller
> >

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