RE: A fairly concrete path to the Singularity

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 08:19:05 MDT

> This is interesting! Has any of this been documented in "Wild
> Computing"? I
> noticed it's a lot about Webmind in particular, and wondered how
> much of it
> still holds.

The ideas in there are current as of 1998 or so. they haven't been revoked,
but have been gone beyond in many ways, as we've gotten more practical and
learned more things.

> What about the last one, "From Complexity to Creativity"? As the last book
> you wrote before Webmind I guess it's fairly accurate about the
> beliefs and
> theories you had before actual construction. This is specially of interest
> to me, as I plan to use the psynet and creativity discussions on this book
> for a term paper in my current psychology class.

While I was writing that book, in my spare time I was playing with some
self-modifying Haskell programs, which I guess were Webmind AI Engine
proto-prototypes.... There's even a chapter in there about how to make a
really smart distributed search engine, I think.... So while I was writing
that I was playing with various totally impractical ways to make an AI, and
hadn't yet found the practical way...

> Please, try to share at least some of this clarity with us right now.

Ommmmm ...

> Dr.
> Goertzel, I must confess that the more I read about your work on
> Webmind the
> more I think I should contribute to it after I graduate! :-)

We can use all the help we can get, that's for sure ;>


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