Re: Computers that improve themselves

From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 03:31:06 MDT

Greetings to y'all =)

Samantha Atkins said:

<< I believe a system could be build to
<< change in such a fashion and to self-test but it would be a far stretch
<< for me to believe that humans are going to know how to test the result
<< in fine-grained function level detail

Insofar as a Seed AI is concerned, it would seem to me that:

1. Ve shall *wink* should be Friendly (testable/tested/continuously being

2. That ve should allow and/or help us test vis Friendliness (including in
fine-grained function level detail) and other parts...

3. EC and/or EP might help as one of the tricks needed to improve/self-alter
vis own -fill with appropriate term, relevant part- AFTER Friendliness has
been achieved.

Off course I might be wrong...

Most kind regards,


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