Re: PAPER: Theory of Universal AI based on Algorithmic Complexity

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 22:30:37 MDT

--- James Rogers <> wrote:

> The theory of Universal Intelligence isn't so
> valuable because it is a
> solution to the problem of AI (although it does give
> it an excellent
> mathematical basis), rather it is valuable because
> it gives us specific
> implementation problems to solve, that when solved,
> should theoretically
> result in a functional AI. Being able to know what
> needs to be done is a
> big step in the right direction.

This, I don't understand. What are the implementation
problems it gives us to solve?

Back when I made my post in February, I thought
that the architecture of an SI might consist
(in these terms) of a UI core, and peripherals
which translate domain-specific problems into
a form the UI can solve. Is the creation of
these peripheral modules the sort of implementation
problem you have in mind?

Now it looks as if the UI-core architecture
is just too slow to plausibly be an SI architecture.

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