Re: No Biological Singularity

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 06:19:42 MDT

> It would not be friendly if it did. I don't think any processing in a
> human could match a full SI. However, I am more interested in what
> happens when every human who wishes is augmented to have the equivalent
> of a 200 IQ and is plugged seamless into a network of such humans as
> well as AIs. This is quite doable technically in the near term. I
> would think that such augmentation would take us to creating true SI and
> help tremendously in managing our ramp-up to Singularity. There will
> also be high pressure in many professions to augment. Unaugmented
> humans will have a hard time keeping up with constantly wired, super
> memory equipped competitors with extra semantic analysis, reasoning,
> computational and bayseian analysis built in.
> - samantha
  "High pressure to augment"..this is already true. The two professions
that immediately come to mind are medicine and law. Physicans who
work in areas other than very generalist family practice tend to work
with their hard drives and med-CDROMs as much as their steths.
Defining the etiology of a array of symptoms is less the problem than
adhering (and in some cases, rationally extending) the standard of care
 once you've figured out what you are going to call it :) Of all the
professions physicans seem the most likely to augment quickly and first,
 they have the money, the motivation, and the requisite arrogance.
   Lawyers similarly, though look-up functions would be more useful to them
I think...I'll ask my friend about this.
  Samantha I dig constantly wired and super memory...please define
(preferably in lay terms) what you mean by "extra semantic analysis"
and "computational and bayseian analysis". I can imagine a wireheaded
doc having a databank onboard, or drawing a diagnosis differential in
"the mind's eye" "semantic analysis" are you meaning highlighting
all the nonsense words like absolutisms in speech/text taken in or something
completely different? Or are you talking about the mods you'd like to
have as a coder mistress? :)


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