Re: Human-level CPU power crossover date

From: James Rogers (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 19:02:53 MDT

As an overall comment on this topic just so that I am not misread, all that
has really been demonstrated is that it isn't efficient to try to replicate
the human brain on silicon. The problems I mention are particularly
applicable to that specific scenario and not necessarily to AI in general
-- basically just one more reason why the "brain on silicon" concept is a
bad idea implementation-wise. Taking abstract AI concepts (i.e. ones not
specific to any particular piece of hardware such as the brain) and putting
them on silicon should be relatively accessible.

In other words, I believe that AI on silicon is quite feasible without
requiring huge jumps in technology. However, the software implementation
should be appropriate for the hardware; putting a human brain on silicon
would seem to be grossly inefficient and hardly required. I fully expect
that a AI is achievable in the relative short-term given intelligent
software design and engineering, no magical computing resources required.

-James Rogers

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