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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 02:15:34 MDT

At 12:58 PM 4/6/01 -0700, COOP wrote:

>>A 'Singularity for Dummies' sounds like a joke to me.

>This attitude is EXACTLY why it is important to explain these ideas to
>laypeople as we approach the Singularity. The kind of arrogant attitude that
>says, "Why should we be obligated to explain our important work to others,
>they won't understand it in the first place?", is elitist, and goes
against the
>very concept of Friendliness [...]

>I agree that Eliezer shouldn't be expected to spend his time appearing on
>shows or anything, but it is important for someone to provide a bridge
>the general public

Sorry if I appear to be harping on this, but my book THE SPIKE (an updated
edition of which has been available from Forge Books in NY since February)
*is* `Singularity for [Wired] Dummies', sort of.

You can find more about it at

It *isn't* a nuts&bolts book, nothing remotely like it. My intention was a
book that conveys to the intelligent non-specialist reader just what the
notion of a technological singularity is, how (comparatively) urgent the
matter is, what variations on the theme have been explored so far, and what
some of the implications might be. For most of the readers on this list it
will seem tame and self-evident. I'd like you to consider recommending it
to those who need a `Singularity for Dummies'. (Eli makes more than a guest

While Eliezer might not appear on talk shows, I do, at least in Australia;
in fact next week I'll take part in filming for a series to be called
AFTERSHOCK, discussing nanotechnology and the idea of a singularity.

[I hope this post won't be seen as a sleazy spam/ad, and apologise to
anyone who feels it is]

Damien Broderick

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