RE: Moravec's estimates?

From: Patrick McCuller (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 15:19:08 MDT

> >At this stage everyone has their
> >own opinion. It won't be until we get near having a real working AI that
> >we will be able to know for sure what it needs. I will be interested to
> >see how intelligence scales with how much MIPS/memory is available.
> The effect of CPU speed isn't terribly important in terms of pure
> intelligence. Running at half-speed, you'll get half the number of results
> in a given period of time but the intelligence of the results doesn't
> change. OTOH, memory appears to have a scale-invariant logarithmic
> relationship to any reasonable AI implementation, and is therefore arguably
> a more critical resource limitation.
> -James Rogers
        I disagree. You're quantifying 'intelligence' in a way that I don't think is
reasonable given the single axis of 'computation speed'. Chess programs make a
MUCH more intelligent decision given more processing power.

Patrick McCuller

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