Re: Singularity and the general public

From: gabriel C (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 07:42:18 MDT

>These plans of action seem eminently, sensible, as long as you take into
>account the notion that it may be upended, perhaps, by a crack, team of AI
>tweakers, from Brazil or Bollywood; beating you to the punch. That always
>possible with new inventions, such as Bell's telephone being patented, just
>few hours before some other inventor brought in the same invention.

Just for trivia's sake, Bell was the third man to invent the telephone. The
first man (can't recall the names offhand) didn't think the invention had
any use, but the second man and Bell did. The second however, acted as if he
had all the time in the world, while Bell, who had actually only developed a
model from the knowledge of the first man's invention, worked days and
nights, skipped meals, etc, to get his done, and finish all the paperwork
ASAP. So even though the second man had invented his phone well before Bell,
Bell's patent application reached the patent office three hours prior to the
other and so received the rights.

This "crack team" may well be out there--working on a shoestring budget or
none at all, reading and squeezing every last bit of information and ideas
from our resources, and working around the clock to get results...just so
they can be first.

and friendliness may not be a issue for them.

just $.02

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