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Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 10:17:19 MDT

My computer crashed twice while attempting to write this join post. Let's
hope any SI is more stable :)

A brief academic background:

At 16 I read all of Richard Dawkins' books (Selfish Gene etc) and knew I
had to attend Oxford University after attending a lecture by him and taking
part in one of his demonstrations in the university natural history museum.
What helped me gain entry was that my biology teacher considered such books
"too complicated" and that was at a selected entry school so I spent my
time between 16 to 18 sleeping during lessons and spending all night
reading books.

My "proper" Oxford education was in biochemistry and biology. I spent the
lecture times reading scientific philosophy and systems theory which
enabled me to develop a quick way of assessing experimental evidence in
research papers. The time saved let me explore other meta subjects such as
science history and founding a club on learning how to learn effectively.

Most of the biology I learned was from the obscure medical museums in
London. If normal people knew about them they would probably be shut down
due to all the bizarre medical specimens they contain. Who needs science
fiction when science itself can be so weird :)

I'm currently living near the seafront in Brighton which is great for long
seaside walks which allows me to get my thoughts about the singularity in
order. I really couldn't envisage spending three years on a PhD
investigating the effects of one insignificant gene in a fruit fly so I
dropped out of academia. Don't get me wrong: I have the greatest of respect
for researchers. It is just not for me though.

Which leads me to my Arctic Fox internet name which I've been using since
1993 and kinda got used to. I know it's silly but I don't want people I
work with doing a google on my name and instantly finding out about my
philosophical interests. I hope using pseudonyms doesn't offend anyone here.

Thanks for your time,


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